Centennial Building Wellness Centre
#103 - 153 Seymour Street, Kamloops, B.C.     250 374 7383


Aquatic Programs:

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Ai Chi - flowing aquatic energy  Join us on Tues @ 12:30 for a Free Sesson


AquaGenics follows Ai Chi on Thurs 12:30


Woga - water yoga


Aqua Babies     Tues & Thurs 2 pm  8 sessions over 6 weeks. $135.


Aqua Prenatal


Sound Baths - Tibetan  & Crystal Bowl Harmonics  every 3rd Friday evening


Watsu - Water Shiatsu Massage   private bookings only










welcome to Cb Wellness Centre 


Theraputic Spa & Nordic Walking Headquarters


FEATURING exclusive memberships to our  



  (limited to 50)

Membership Includes;

Far Infrared Sauna's, Underwater Treadmill

Aquatic Fitness Programs;

Ai Chi - 1st time Free Tues 12:15pm




  • temperature  95 degrees Fahrenheit!


  • no harsh chemicals
  • 1/2 the salt of your tears 
  • no harm to your skin, hair or bathing suit
  • Available by booking or by class;

    Watsu, Woga, Ai Chi, Water Dance,

    Aquatic Rebirthing and Sound Baths

    NEW Aqua Prenatal, Aqua Babies






watsu Water Massage

Watsu - Water Shiatsu

A Floating Massage


Most people find Watsu to be blissfully relaxing...    a great gift to oneself or others.



Water Dance

- for those that love the freedom of dancing underwater!



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New membership packages!



Fun, Friends & Fitness

Nordic Walking

Introduction Every Wed. 2 pm

please pre book week prior




Curb Your Cravings

Weight Loss & more



This is a revolutionary program in

affect regulation,  aquatic attunement & getting to the core of the issue in craving.

Please phone for more information.


250 374 7383 


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Classes & Workshops & Programs

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Mon - Friday 9:30 - 12:15 pm