Centennial Building Wellness Centre

5 Element Acupoint System 

$90 first sesson includes assessment and treatment

$40  - 30 min. treatment

$80 1 hr. treatment or Sound Massage



Vibrational Sound Healing Therapy

with Audrey Meuse


Acutonics Sound Healing System is an energy based, non invasive treatment that is similar to acupuncture, but without the needles.

Precision-calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific acupoints.  The sound waves travel deeply into the body along energy pathways, affecting human phsiology and supporting the body's natural frequencies.

This wok is deeply transformational; it can relieve chronic and debilitating illnuesses for which western medicine and other treatments often have no answers.


The best way to evaluate your needs, is to identify and design the perfect sound healing treatment for YOU! Finding this website was the first step! The next step is to schedule your cosmic tune-up so you too can experience the benefits of SOUND HEALING!


With Sound Healing, you can....


Muscular Skeletal


  • Experience relief from back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain.
  • Reduce the effects of arthritis & fibromyalgia.
  • Can even eliminate the throbbing hurt from tendonitis & bursitis.
  • Erase the swelling of sprains & strains.




  • Experience relief from migraine headache
  • Reduce the effects of sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, & stroke residuals


Emotional and Psychological


  • Eliminate stress
  • Wash away depression & anxiety
  • Address the causes of anorexia, insomnia


Psycho Spiritual

  • Experience spiritual awakening and growth
  • Reach higher levels of energy and awareness
  • Sail through challenging life transitions


  • Experience relief from allergies, sinusitis, even asthma
  • Win out over environmental illness & bronchitis
  • Increase resistance to colds, flu




  • Experience relief from irregular or painful menstruation & PMS
  • Address physical as well as spiritual or emotional causes of infertility
  • Reduce symptoms & effects of menopause, fibroids




  • Reduce effects from food allergies, heartburn, peptic ulcer
  • Experience relief from constipation, chronic diarrhea
  • Address symptoms, and causes, of indigestion, gastritis, & irritable bowel syndrome



  • Experience relief from incontinence, urinary tract infections
  • Reduce effects of prostatetis
  • Address causes of sexual dysfunction


  • Eliminate fatigue, hypertension
  • Address causes of chemical addictions,
  • Obtain support for chronic and debilitating conditions