Centennial Building Wellness Centre


NEW!  Starting Feb 18 Evening Ai Chi with Chris. R.  5:30 -6:30 Tues & Thurs.  must register... $150 for 6 weeks or free for members


Beginner Classes - 1st time Free

12:30 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays


Progressive classes

12:30 pm Mondays, Wednesdays



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The gentle aquatic art of Ai Chi holds deep restorative powers' by

Luis G. Vargas, PhD, PT.


Ai Chi instructor Chris Rutherford brings a unique perspective to his classes.  As a fibromyalgia and chronic pain sufferer, he first encountered Ai Chi when his medical specialist suggested he try out the heated, salt-water pool at the CB Wellness centre as a means of alleviating pain.  With an extensive background in Tai Chi, having studied it for several years as a martial art, he discovered many similarities between the water-based Ai Chi and land-based Tai Chi.  Ai Chi’s slow deep breathing and flowing circular motions are inspired by the same concepts as the ancient martial art.   As an Ai Chi enthusiast, he soon found the exercise provided greater relief of fibromyalgia symptoms than any other treatment or exercise program he had encountered. Ai Chi has become the cornerstone of his pain management program.  Having gained so much from Ai Chi, Chris decided to share its benefits with other pain sufferers and he obtained his instructor’s qualifications for Basic and Advanced Ai Chi as well as Ai Chi Visualization.  Now retired from the workforce, Chris brings to the pool his broad work experience in the public and private sectors as a communicator, instructor and facilitator, as well as a medical background as a former x-ray technologist.  His goal is to help each student define their individual Ai Chi style and to obtain the benefits they seek from Ai Chi, whether they wish to learn it as a physical exercise and stress reliever or they wish to delve into the mind/body aspects of harmony, balance and unity.  Advanced students will be introduced to the concepts of chi cultivation and circulation and learn to incorporate healing, mindfulness and meditation in their practice.  Chris continues to pursue his Ai Chi studies and hopes to develop additional programs to promote further exploration of Ai Chi concepts.