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       Centennial Building Wellness Centre:

Therapeutic spa for trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and recovery

   “transformation through self-regulation”


" Curb your Cravings"

Weight Loss

A Revolutionary Program



Autonomic Reset

Trauma Release, Affect Integration, Sound Balancing

Audrey will offer a revolutionary perspective on the triune autonomic nervous system.  Understanding that trauma, tension, stress must find away out of our physical bodies, namely the psoas without the need for catharsis, recollection of specific events, or reactivation of unwanted emotions. Trauma Release Exercises, induces neurogenic tremors, from subtle, purring-like vibrations through to ecstatic full body entrainment, TRE  is unparalleled in most traditional approaches to the treatment of stress, tension, anxiety, post traumatic stress and acute trauma.

Affect Integration is a modality that Audrey has used for over 20 years, weaving the power of the breath into the workshop after the TRE will support the release of the emotional tension. After elevating ourselves higher with the help of our breath, we will experience a Sound Balancing session during a period of deep rest and relaxation, being bathed by the healing vibrations of Tibetan Bowls and Tuning Forks.

Date to be announced

12:30 - 4:30 pm


Please pre register

By calling 250 374 7383

“The Foundation”

Your preparation for the second half of life

The foundation is a process of creating safety and trust. The first phase is Aquatic Trance work which allows you to go deep within to explore your physical and emotional patterns from birth and pre-birth.  The second phase is the re-patterning of birth trauma and attachment failure.  The third phase is the exploration of core feeling with group members, leading to further integration and awareness. Not all sessions involve prenatal/birth/attachment themes. All sessions are unique and participants also do important work from other periods of their life.  This new core of safety and trust becomes the new foundation for the second half of life.


·         experience interpersonal trust and safety

·         transform your intimate relationships through these new learnings as you take these new tools for being in positive intimate relationships into your everyday life

·         feel resourced and able to meet your life

·         discover your full aliveness that is part of your birth right

·         feel more at home in your physical body, and experience a deep felt sense of wellness and connection to flow

·         gently release prenatal, birth and early traumatic imprinting and understand the connection of this time to present day life

Description of the Form

This format was created because the most powerful transformations often happen in a small group setting. The time allows space for integration of material from the sessions, and each person will receive a debriefing time, usually the day after their session, which further supports integration of the session. Participants need to arrange to attend the entire workshop as this is important for the creation of safety and security in the group. These intensives format is: 3 days for 5 participants


This workshop is open to those who want to explore this area for personal growth. Participants will leave with deeper levels of awareness, directly related to prenatal, birth and attachment processes. But most important is that participants often report that the biggest impact is more loving bonding within their primary relationships.

Dates & Time:  To be announced.please pre register - limited to 5 persons

Friday 8 pm – 10 pm – Aquatic Trance Work

Saturday  10 am – 2 pm Group process work  - Activity Rm.

Includes Lunch

              2 pm -  5 pm Aquatic ReBirthing

                                      Break for supper (not included)

Evening private de-briefing

Sunday   10 am – 2 pm  Group process work – Activity Rm

Includes Lunch

                              2 pm – 5 pm Aquatic ReAttachment

Evening private debriefing

Cost $450. For further information  please call 250 374 7383

Required $100. deposit to hold your spot

Limited to 5 persons