Centennial Building Wellness Centre
  • CCMBA/CCSMC Brochure April 26, 2017 Theresa Boudreau-Mantha
    Kamloops presents for the First time a full day Workshop
    of: The Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment,
    including, The Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing,
    added with for the very "rst time, the powerful element of
    being sub-merged in a Salt water pool.
    Learn - How to & Experience “The most powerful Hands on Healing” technique
    with a step beyond in a warm water Salt Pool.
    The CCMBA/CCSMC as Developed and Taught world Wide by Dr. Sharon Forrest;
    Experience - “The - Law of Grace, which takes precedence over the - Law of
    CCMBA/CCSMC is a hands on healing technique. It works with the Higher Self on
    the individual's issues - no matter what they. The Energy targets the individual’s
    problem- where ever it exists, on all levels, in all facet of the Soul, Body and Mind;
    mental, physical, emotional, physiological and spiritual with amazing results.
    People who participate in this full day workshop, may experience any number of
    changes including: Present and Past life - release of deep seeded emotional and
    physical trauma, disappearance of chronic back/neck pain, release of toxins and
    poisons from their system, feeling more energized, a deeper spiritual awakening,
    release of non-desirable habits, increase self-healing abilities, past life
    awareness, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual changes, as well as a totally
    new outlook on life in general. Every experience is as unique as the individual.
    What will be your experience?
    This workshop will enhance the tool box for all Energy Workers, as
    well as, welcomes anyone who is open and ready to experience
    amazing life changes in all facets of their lives.
    You will learn how to facilitate and receive this amazing healing
    technique submerged in a warm salt water pool. Claimed by
    researchers to be the most powerful ‘Hands-On-Healing’ Technique
    in the medical and spiritual "elds today.
    Book Early!!! There is limited space
    Only $260.00. Saturday June 3, 2017. Call Theresa (250-203-1623) or
    Shonna (250-320-1348) for more details and registration

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