After nine months of rehabilitating a neck injury and frozen shoulder and enduring years of lower back stiffness, Watsu has proved to be an immediate benefit. As my body is gently swished, massaged and stretched in the warm water, I find it to be a soothing total body massage and stretch that is relaxing and beneficial to my body and mind.

The warm salt water of the pool is optimal in warming and relaxing muscles and the weightlessness in the water help to free the joints and spine. The calm stillness of both the water and Audrey's nurturing gives one a sense of comfort, safety, and total body and mind relaxation. I find myself relaxed within minutes of starting the Watsu and by the end of the session my mind is in a calm state and in tune with my body.

The benefit of Watsu for me has been stretching muscles that have been tight for months and mobilizing joints that have been somewhat inactive for that time. I felt immediate relief after the first Watsu and by the second I felt a sustained release in the tight muscles. The weightlessness in the water is particularly good to stretch the spine. Audrey's approach is to achieve what is good for your body by asking you what you like or dislike. She has asked which areas to focus on, or be gentle with, while still massaging and stretching all areas of the body.

I am pleased with the progress of healing my body and mind. I wish I had discovered Watsu months ago!

Thank you Audrey - I look forward to my next Watsu!




I wanted to thank you Audrey for such an amazing experience, with WATSU. Not only from the beginning was I inspired, excited, motivated simply by watching 
a clip of a WATSU session, but was truly open on all levels to this new level of healing, for my journey. The level of trust that is experienced here is remarkable, as the environment, is safe, supportive, nurturing, with very gentle yet obvious boundaries, which allow both the client and practitioner a wonderful experience based in JOY. To me, this was the first time, in my 43 years on this Mother Earth, that I have fully felt nurtured on the level that I envisioned a Mother would nurture her child. WOW!

I truly recommend WATSU for any one wishing to go deeper into Self Love and to continue on such an amazing healing path.

May you always be supported in your teachings ; may you always have your needs taken care of; and as my grandfathers people say,

      May You Always Walk in Beauty
                               *(Navajo prayer)

with Love and respect
Carolyn Hines


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