Centennial Building Wellness Centre

"Sound Bath" Tibetan Bowls in the Water with Audrey Meuse

                            Shamanism & Crystal Bowls by Wendy Grono


Sound vibration is one of the most subtle elements in this world and nutrition for the nervous system, Who we are as spiritual entities is beyond these material bodies made of the five gross elements. The strongest way to connect with that spiritual entity that we are is through the subtle vibration of sound.


This is an unforgettable sound healing experience for those who seek deep relaxation, deep meditation and rejuvenation.  

What is the Sound Bath?
  The Sound Bath is a 60-minute sonic healing session that you can experience while floating comfortably in the warm salt waters of the Centennial Building Wellness centre’s highly resonant, chamber. We play the quartz crystal singing bowls in the water, Tibetan bowls, on and under the body, bells & gongs, tuning forks end the session where after you have been gently watsu'ed and returned to the side of the pool. The results are waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation of the mind and body. 


Doors open at 7:30pm

Session begins in the water at 8 pm  ending at 10 pm -

Cost $50.      $40 for CB Members


Bring bathing suit and two towels.  Trance float in our warm salt water pool.


Offered every 3rd Friday of the month.... limited enrolment. 

Pre registration required - please call or email  250 374 7383

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Book your own private party of 8 ... organizer receives free session!




From a New York Times article published on 11/24/05 - Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, an oncologist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York, and the author of "The Healing Power of Sound," likens sound healing to music therapy. In "The Healing Power of Sound" he cites studies indicating that music can lower blood pressure, reduce cardiac complications among patients who have recently suffered heart attacks, reduce stress hormones during medical testing and boost natural opiates.




Watsu & Harmonics          with Audrey Meuse



Your private Watsu & the sound vibrations of the Tibetan Bowls. is the  perfect  mix!           

    Restorative Calm.                    90 min $130.




Testimonials                       for more Testimonials find "The Sound Bath Experience"on Facebook



Sound Bath – Dec 21’12

This evenings Sound Bath vibrated to new frequencies. As one of millions of celebrations of 12-21-12, we were treated to an amazing combination of sound, vibration, vocals and the caring attention of our two sound bath masters, Audrey and Wendy.

I had hoped that the Audrey would be offering a celebration for this cosmic event of Spirit, and my wishes were fulfilled with the most congruent and flowing Sound Bath I have experienced in 3 years.

The lights went out and the room became illuminated by flickering candles. Audrey gave the beginning incantation - No one to be; No where to go; and nothing to do. The seven participants stretched out floating and relaxed in the warm embrace of what felt like Gaias womb.

I could hear the didgeridoo coming from underwater speakers. It set the cadence for what was to come. I felt transported to the Australian outback and watched Maori's dancing around a huge bonfire, singing and praying their dreaming into reality.

All the while, my body was going through a series of convulsive releases. Letting go of old dense vibrational memories no longer needed. The sound of the crystal bowl becoming stronger and resonating with a strong base harmonic breaking up all of these old belief patterns and frequencies, released to the water for purification. I vibrated and convulsed as each pattern left my body.

I then entered a gentle space/moment of no-time and just lay there enjoying the warmth and softness of the water feeling complete and healed.

As Audrey was completing each person's Watsu , a voice started to tone/OM. Then others joined in. Beautiful sopranos and deep bass sounds resonated with the cycle of the crystal bowl's vibration. First the basses calling and then Sopranos answering, then the merging of the two in a harmony of oneness.

It was truly one of the most profound experiences of community manifestation I have ever been a part of. Floating in the pool of warm water. Senses replaced with the sounds of bowls and song. Bodies gently gliding around, sometimes softly contacting another with no sense of repelling, but an accepting of a moment of connection with another human being in a safe and nurturing home. And gliding off to another journey within the womb.

Audrey,  Wendy,  the bowls and all of the participating spirit guides and teachers have raised this Sound Bath to new octaves. I am very thankful for having these two beautiful loving people offering this wonderful experience each month. I am also appreciative of Larry, the Centennial Building owner, for providing Audrey this most unique space for her to work her water magic. Together they deliver the magic to all who participated

. Namaste We Are One.


Next Sound Bath is Dec. 20

you must pre - register and pre pay... limited to 8 persons.