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what is watsu?

 “Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water, yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it"


Watsu: Literally "shiatsu in water" is, at its simplest level, a floating massage. With the help of the therapist, you float comfortably in a large heated pool while your muscles are massaged, your joints mobilized, tissues stretched, energy pathways opened, and your whole body is swished and swayed gently through the water. Most people find Watsu to be "blissfully relaxing." Physical therapists, massage therapists, and other bodywork practitioners all over the world use it for treating stress, chronic back pain, orthopedic problems, arthritis, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, and a host of other conditions. But one characteristic that makes Watsu stand out from massage and so many other forms of bodywork is that it gives you the opportunity to go beyond the physical. Because when the body relaxes so deeply - as it can in the warm weightlessness of Watsu - the mind can cease its chatter. And when the body and mind are quiet, what you're left with is the fundamental essence of your being, making it a true mind/body experience.



what is a watsu session like?

The warm salt pool at the Centennial Building Wellness Centre Kamloops is at body temperature. Your head and neck are supported by the arm or hand of the practitioner and small floats are placed on the legs to keep the lower body buoyant. Your eyes, nose and mouth are above water with the ears submerged. At first the movements are subtle, introducing you to this new liquid world, attuning to the breath, and gently freeing the body, carried like seaweed, by the ebb and flow of the water itself. Gradually more dynamic movements are added, bringing new sensations of playful fluidity, always interwoven with a return to stillness and calm. Sessions usually last an hour, with each treatment tailored to your specific needs or concerns. Watsu is about allowing yourself to receive, relax, and simply be.

Watsu© is a celebration of freedom and flexibility as it translates the qualities of water for our bodies to integrate into a new language of movement.


Most recent testimonial 2012

After nine months of rehabilitating a neck injury and frozen shoulder and enduring years of lower back stiffness, Watsu has proved to be an immediate benefit. As my body is gently swished, massaged and stretched in the warm water, I find it to be a soothing total body massage and stretch that is relaxing and beneficial to my body and mind.

The warm salt water of the pool is optimal in warming and relaxing muscles and the weightlessness in the water help to free the joints and spine. The calm stillness of both the water and Audrey's nurturing gives one a sense of comfort, safety, and total body and mind relaxation. I find myself relaxed within minutes of starting the Watsu and by the end of the session my mind is in a calm state and in tune with my body.

The benefit of Watsu for me has been stretching muscles that have been tight for months and mobilizing joints that have been somewhat inactive for that time. I felt immediate relief after the first Watsu and by the second I felt a sustained release in the tight muscles. The weightlessness in the water is particularly good to stretch the spine. Audrey's approach is to achieve what is good for your body by asking you what you like or dislike. She has asked which areas to focus on, or be gentle with, while still massaging and stretching all areas of the body.

I am pleased with the progress of healing my body and mind. I wish I had discovered Watsu months ago!

Thank you Audrey - I look forward to my next Watsu!




Watsu for Outdoor Enthusiasts

After enjoying skiing, hiking or biking in the beautiful Kamloops area, come for a Watsu© treatment and bring new life back to stiff muscles and joints.




Watsu for Self-Discovery

During a Watsu© session, the warm water and low gravity combine with the security of being held, to generate an extraordinary sense of well-being. This sense can be the ground from which important insights arise into our inner experience, furthering the process of self-discovery.



Health and Wellness

People with pain will often avoid physical activity to prevent increasing their pain. Immobility leads to a limited range of motion, muscle tightness, weakness and emotional stress. As time goes on, muscle spasms and muscle guarding is experienced. This involves stored biochemicals that result in more pain in the areas of inactivity. The cycle goes on and on.  Watsu© provides a way to interrupt this pain cycle.

During a Watsu© session, the warmth of the water combined with the nurturing provided by the practitioner promotes relaxation, body awareness, and the release of muscle tension. The gentle stretching coupled with pressure point massage increases range of motion and blood circulation, which helps decrease muscle spasm and improves metabolism in the painful area. Releasing the pain can improve a person’s emotional state and physical well-being.




Stretching and Flexibility

The pain of contracted or over-inflated muscles and the consequent distortion in posture is an unnecessary price to pay for the various forms of aerobic and weight-bearing exercise that forms a part of today’s active lifestyle. Muscles that are long and supple, and joints that are loose and limber allow us to move though our lives with greater physical and, interestingly, emotional flexibility.

The key is stretching, like a cat waking from a nap, something all mammals do to fully inhabit their bodies. Often we humans make little time to stretch our bodies and experience our own flexibility, and left until too late, stretching can become a source of discomfort.

Watsu© is one way to reestablish the innate gracefulness of moving freely in our bodies. Warm water soothes aching joints, relaxes tense and restricted muscles and allows for a wider range of motion.

Watsu© makes use of many static and dynamic passive stretches. Your job is simply to relax and let go as much as possible. Immersed in water, all movements are three-dimensional so that the stretches are full body stretches. The upper body can be held so that the lower body moves freely and fluidly in ways impossible on land. The support of the water makes it possible for the practitioner to carry and mobilize you almost effortlessly. Accelerating the movement through the water against water resistance or lifting you partly out of the water can further enhance the stretch.
Watsu© is a celebration of freedom and flexibility as it translates the qualities of water for our bodies to integrate into a new language of movement.




Inner Exploration - Aquatic Rebirthing

From the beginning, the journey of our life is filled with mystery. It was once believed that the formative period of our life began at birth and lasted until six years of age. Psychology today has begun to explore the time before our birth, when we were held in utero, and illuminate this prenatal time as a crucial aspect of the emerging human psyche. All of us, for nine months, were marinating in the hopes, dreams and difficulties of our parents.

Supported in the warm water, and with the conscious presence of the practitioner one may explore this formative time of life in a climate of safety and acceptance. The brain structures that let us recall specific events don’t mature until two to three years of age. But our bodies remember in other ways. In the womb-like environment of a warm pool, we can create specific Watsu© movements that help you to journey back and reclaim the self from it’s most direct source, incarnating with all that might have been missing by re-patterning the nervous system.

In this prenatal journey, you will be encouraged to build internal resources that will allow you to re-pattern these formative experiences from a place of grounded potency and strength. In the Amnotics session, one is cradled, moved, and gently rocked in ways that can help to return to a time when the womb was called home.

A series of 5 to 10 sessions is recommended for this prenatal and birth journey. Sessions will be tailored specifically for each client. And, in contrast to other  sessions, this work involves a more active participation of the client.

Cost $ 110  - Sessions are 2 hours and include an Acutonics



Couples and Relationship Work

Receiving a Watsu© session with your partner is a unique way to nourish your relationship. You will receive a Watsu© treatment together and learn the basic ways of moving, holding and supporting each other in warm water. Giving and receiving Watsu© with your partner can bring back both the sweetness of being unconditionally supported, the tenderness of giving, all with nothing asked in return.

Couple Watsu testimonial


It was a lovely experience. It was so nice to have the space to communicate the love we have and share for each other in a place that didn't have words, and was separate from the mind in some ways. There was no need for interpretation, and rebuttal, just an opening of the heart, in a space designed for love.

I felt that this experience allowed us to move harmoniously into a new area of our relationship. It surrounded us in the love we share for one another and helped us to make that our focal point for our future.

It really helped us to move through some difficulties in our relationship. Like a silent form of counselling, where hearts can meet and be in love, and the matters of the childish mind drop away.

Like throwing a rock in water, the ripples continue long after the rock is below the surface, the love that continues to ripple from this one singular experience is astounding. Thank you so much for giving us this medium.


Christmas gift to each other 2010






 Watsu for Pregnancy

Life in the womb is our most formative time. The prenate experiences what its mother experiences. Watsu© gives the mother-to-be a deep sense of connection with her baby and her baby with its mom. Watsu© gives Mom a chance to relax deeply and feel a sense of emotional and physical renewal. The massage is adapted for her specific needs and wishes during this important time in her life. The warm water allows her muscles to relax and the tension and pressure normally felt during pregnancy is eased. The back will feel less pain as it is supported, relieving extra pressure.

Give yourself and your baby, or a pregnant mom you know, this unique gift of connection and well-being through a Watsu© session.